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Some of our global customers

Some of our global customers who every day chose Oilalà for their business

Our company’s strengths

We are among the 22’s best olive oil producer of the world

From the United States to Japan, passing through China and Greece, in every corner of the planet the extra virgin olive oil Oilalà has received medals and prestigious international awards that certify its supreme quality.

Our Coratina olive oil is the best Italian Extra Virgin olive oil in the world for WREVOO!

The Coratina and its powerful Polyphenols

Most of our olive trees are from Coratina olive variety. We get an olive oil rich in fruitness, spicy and bitter hints, which denote a very high concentration of polyphenols, very powerful antioxidants (it contains more than triple Polyphenols compared to the most of the olive oils on the market)

Unique Design and innovative Packaging

We cooperate with artists and designers, the most innovative, to create masterpieces that will travel around the world, in order to guarantee to our customers an unforgettable experience

Prestigious customers worldwide

Present in over 22 countries worldwide with an internationally recognized premium brand. We supply the most prestigious brands in the world of catering and hospitality and work alongside the Michelin starred chefs and gourmet shops, creating a truly tailored service for our customers

International Recognitions

There are 11 awards received in 2022 from the most important international competitions. From the United States to Japan, we at Oilalà always manage to be protagonists.

Our production of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been reconfirmed to be one of the best in the world, there is no better way to be rewarded of all the effort we put into caring for our olive groves and in the creation of a unique product.

La nostra produzione di Olio Extravergine Biologico si è riconferma essere una delle
migliori del mondo, non c’è modo migliore di ripagare tutti gli sforzi che poniamo nella cura dei
nostri uliveti e nella creazione di un prodotto unico.

3 nuovi prodotti con un nuovo design e nuovi formati. Scegli il tuo olio EVO biologico preferito:

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    Monocultivar Peranzana – Bag in Box 5lt – Organic extra virgin olive oil

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The Roots

There once was a man called Spyridon, said the “dreamer” who spent his life dedicating himself to his family and love for the countryside and care of his trees.

Of Greek origin (Corfu), he was established in San Ferdinando di Puglia, a small rural town near the larger city of Barletta. And here he produced a deep and perfumed oil with tasty and nutritious vegetables.

This man was my grandfather. From him I inherited a lot of things. The name, first of all, and then the passion for agriculture and for travels. But more than anything he taught me to believe in my dreams.

My story starts this way, among the footsteps he left me, so I could follow him in this strip of land of Apulia. Dispenser from unmemorable times of excellent oils, ancient wines, cheese, fruit.

Here begins and here comes back, after few years spent to promote the best of fashion and Italian design around the world. After understanding the immense value of the treasure that my grandfather showed me.

Since then, my greatest desire has been to let know the oil and delicacies of the land of Spyridon and dad Nicola to all those who seek an uncompromising quality. To those who love good food and care for their well-being.

From that personal ambition, from the deep respect to those roots, and a desire to see them growing up and becoming something bigger, OILALÁ was born.

Here some of our extra virgin olive oil and Apulian delicatessen

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Monovariety Coratina Majestic 250ml

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  • olio extravergine d'oliva coratina

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Monovariety Coratina – Liquid Luxury – 500ml

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  • Pitted Peranzana Olives 560g

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  • organic yellow tomatoes purèe

    Organic yellow tomato Purèe “Passata” 420g

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  • pomodori secchi

    Sun dried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil 190g

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  • Apulian Burrata from Andria PGI – 2x500g

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The big cities in the world where Oilalà oil is used