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Naturally Different

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced within 6 hours from olive picking.

Try One of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world, with an unforgettable flavour and the highest amount of Polyphenols, the best Natural Anti‐Aging.

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” (M. Gandhi) I could not bear to eat in “Gourmet” restaurants where the extra virgin olive oil is considered just a simple fat, useful for cooking or to please some customers who wanted to drizzle olive oil over their salad. Since no importance has always been given to extra virgin olive oil, I always found around products of low quality, rancid, smelly, over date, with the only result of ruining any dish on which the unlucky customer or chef poured that stuff. The general lack of information and knowledge about this amazing product has always prevent the growth and success of small Italian farmers who in the past 10 years have invested in staff training and in modernization of the harvesting and milling techniques. These proud people have always found closed doors in front of their attempt to sell their high-quality olive oils, with the only result of getting lose hearts and many farmers sold their lands with no hopes for a better future. Consumers do not understand why that product could cost three times the price of a standard olive oil on the market. For 90% of the people, there are no differences among extra virgin olive oil. It’s just the same product. Like it happened with wine 30 years ago. The only difference at that time was just red or white wines. We are working to change this common idea on the olive oil market. The offer of cheap olive oils even claimed as great one is very big on the international markets. That’s why people get so confused. Driven by the philosophy of Gandhi, I wanted to change this system. Or at least, being part of it, along with many other young entrepreneurs in the agriculture world which every day are fighting a difficult battle against larger manufacturer groups, supermarkets, fraudulent competition and lack of information from the final consumer side.

One of the foundations of my business is making something that I believe in. Every bottle or jar we make, we believe in. I feel like, people connect to things that you’ve put your soul in. When we create a new product, it’s something that I would — and do — have in my own home. When you’re making something handmade, people can tell when your love and a little piece of your soul have been put into it. I want to satisfy people’s expectations and exceed them constantly, with packaging and care. Back when I started, a lot of people didn’t know how to use a high quality extra virgin olive oil, with an intense flavor, persistent, fruity, slightly bitter and peppery after taste. I knew that I had to educate customers, so they would be able to better understand and enjoy our quality products and keep them alive and come back and order more from us. We also include thank you cards. I really want people to understand my appreciation for their support because without them, I would not be living this incredible dream. My wife and I have since worked making artful products guided by keep-it-simple design sensibility and love of handmade Pugliese food products. For us the biggest success is being able to do what we love every day and make a living from it. ‘It’s really a good life.’ Based on this motto, we made olive oils and balsamic vinegar bottles named “La vita e’ bella”. Also a tribute to the Italian Lifestyle. We wanted to give to our clients, and additional guarantee and certification about our olive oil, which wouldn’t come from our farm, but from an international panel. That’s why on 2016 we sent our Monocultivar Coratina olive oil to the International olive oil contest in New York, the most prestigious one. With great pride we won the Gold Medal Award, as one of the best olive oil in the World. Our loyal clients, can trust to our promises.
Our oils
  • Balsamic Essence – Liquid Luxury 500ml

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Monovariety from the Coratina Olive – La vita e’ bella 200ml

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Monovariety from the Coratina Olive 250ml



  • Organic Datterini Tomatoes Purée “Passata” – 560 g

  • Organic Tomato Purée “Passata” 1kg

  • Peranzana Olives 560g

  • Pate’ of olives, capers, almonds, with extra virgin olive oil 140g

  • Pate’ of peppers, olives, capers, with extra virgin olive oil 140g

  • Zucchini Pate’, with extra virgin olive oil 140g