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5 Common Myths About Extra Virgin Olive Oil Debunked

5 Common Myths About Extra Virgin Olive Oil Debunked

In the world of extra virgin olive oil, many myths and misconceptions abound.

Many still believe in unfounded statements that lead to mistakes when choosing.

That’s why today we want to clarify some of the most common misconceptions, guiding you towards a more authentic understanding of EVO oil.

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Green olive oil is better

Expert tasters, to avoid being influenced during the evaluation, prefer opaque glasses to taste the olive oil.

This shows that the color, varying from green to yellow, does not determine the quality of extra virgin olive oil. The quality depends rather on elements such as the type of olives, their ripeness, the soil on which they grow, extraction practices, and how the olive oil is stored.

These chromatic variations result from the natural pigments present in olives, such as chlorophylls and carotenes, which do not affect the olive oil’s value.

Bitter EVO oil is not good, if it stings it means it’s acidic

Bitterness and a tingling sensation are characteristics that indicate the extra virgin oil is of quality. It’s a sign of the presence of antioxidants like polyphenols, which have a beneficial effect on health. The acidity of the oil, on the other hand, is measured scientifically and is not perceptible to taste. In fact, the exact opposite is true: the higher the acidity, the less you will feel the tingling.

Olive Oil made the old-fashioned way is more genuine

This belief is rooted in many aspects of our culture, especially when it comes to food. However, this rule is not always a guarantee of quality, as in the case of extra virgin olive oil!

Quality understood not only as flavor but as safety, reliability, and protection for consumers and the product. The wide range of regulations and standards governing every stage of production ensures that only olive oils that pass strict controls and follow certified practices reach the consumer.

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Unfiltered olive oil is better

This is a widely spread myth. Filtration removes impurities that can accelerate oxidation and deteriorate the olive oil over time. For this reason, unfiltered olive oil should be consumed quickly.

But this does not necessarily mean that a filtered olive oil is less good than an unfiltered one.

All extra virgin oils are the same

This is a myth we often hear lately. In reality, there are significant differences between extra virgin oils based on the variety of olives, the production region, cultivation, and extraction techniques. A quality extra virgin oil has a unique profile of aromas and flavors that distinguish it from others.

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These are some of the most widespread myths about extra virgin olive oil.

Recognizing incorrect information is crucial to avoid making wrong decisions when choosing olive oil. Whether it’s popular beliefs or commercial tactics, being correctly informed about EVO oil is essential for making informed choices.

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