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About our oil

About our oil

About our oil

We specialize in the production of Italian organic olive oil, but it’s important to understand what it means and the difference there is with other kinds. This becomes especially important in times like these when counterfeit and cheaper products flood the market, often containing chemical additives and synthetic flavors. Buying from you are certain that you will receive  100% Italian organic olive oil.

What makes the difference

There are many kinds of olive oils. There is the infamous palm three oil, seeds oil, but the best known and most precious is extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the result of one single squeezing of olives, without any other addition to it – unlike seeds oil where at times chemical elements are added – giving it it’s unique qualities.

Its first element of distinction is its acidity levels. Extra virgin olive oil has a percentage of acidity lower than 1% (1 gram of acid component every 100 grams of olive oil).  It also contains several vitamins and has beneficil properties that make it a useful element in the reduction of “bad” and the rise in “good” cholesterol.

Extra virgin olive oil is even better if it is organic. This means that it is produced using only olives farmed through biologic agriculture. At Oilalà we undertake many rigorous controls from the harvesting of the  olives to the squeezing and the bottling in order to guarantee that the oil is without exceptions Italian organic olive oil.

Our quality, our pride

We take great pride in producing only top quality extra virgin olive oil. We believe that only the high standards we hold will give us the chance to continuously grow, as much if not more than we’ve done so far. We want our customers to taste only the best products and enjoy it with their friends and families genuine Italian organic olive oil.

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