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Best olive oil for salads

Best olive oil for salads

We have told about an infinity of olive oil, but what is the best olive oil for salads?  It not so easy to establish and a lot of experts tell us that buying olive oil  really comes down to personal performance, and finding you favorite is all about experimenting.

So in this article we want to show you the best olive oil and more on used day by day…

Olive oil to use for our salads

There are a lot variety and quality of olive oil for salads and not only. First of all we want to talk about our Olive oil: an intense elixir of health. Oilalà oil and in particular Oilalà monocultivar Coratina oil, contains more than three times of Polyphenols, the best anti oxidants for our body, powerful anti-inflammatory. From 2016 to nowadays our Coratina oil received the most prestigious International Awards that certify and guarantee our high standard quality. It can be used for salads or for seasoning every kind of dishes. It also can be used in every kitchen and everyday by cooker, moms for their children and young single person for they meals. You can also choose between a delicate taste and a more intense and stronger one.

Best olive oil for salads and other dishes

As we said before the favorite olive oil is the product of different experimentations. Trying enough olive oils you can start to notice different flavor profiles. Piquant, peppery, mild, grassy, fiery, there are a lot of flavors and the right choice of olive oils depends only with your taste and preference. But if you can not decide which olive oil to buy follow the following rules. Look for dark or opaque bottles because olive oil doesn’t like light.

Than, read the label to learn the country of origin, the harvest and to make sure it is a truly extra virgin olive oil. And than try, try and continue to trying.

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