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Bio olive oil

Bio olive oil

Our business: Bio olive oil

It is a no brainer that when it comes to food, you want only the best for you and your family and friends. We firmly believe in this idea and that is why our business is one and simple: providing you with the finest bio olive oil on the market.

A little semantics

It is common to hear organic food, bio food, and it is easy to get confused or wander what the difference Is there between the two terminologies. At the end of the day they mean the same thing: food harvested in an environmental friendly way, respecting the natural growth of plants and animals and lack of use  of chemical enhancements. The use of the word “organic” is typical of the native English speakers regarding what other languages refer to as “bio”.

It is important to keep in mind, however,  that in many European countries in order for a product to be labeled “bio” it has to follow specific regulations and supervision, therefore, depending on where you are, an organic/bio labeled product may not be as genuine as in other countries.

Are you looking for the best bio olive oil? You are in luck today, because Italy is one of those countries where specific regulations apply to bio olive oil and we at only give you products made respecting nature and its rhythms. Check our store section!

What does bio mean?

Here is a short list of the features  a product must have to be certified as “organic”:

  • Absence of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, only a few natural occurring ones are allowed
  • Animals can’t be given growth enhancing feed, and have to be farmed in numbers that do not create environmental imbalance.
  • No genetically modified organisms allowed
  • At least 95% of the product used in the processing of the food must comply with the “organic” standards”
  • The producer has to be enlisted as an “organic” harvester/farmer at the national appointed agency.

All the  products at Oilalà.com follow these rules, so what are you waiting for? Go shop for the best bio olive oil on our website!

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