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How to make a “Pasta, pesto and…sun dried tomatoes”

The second appointment with the new column “The recipes of Oilalà” Food is sharing, joy, and bond among cultures, nations, and traditions. That’s why, this time we have an international guest in our kitchen who prepares her version of a delicious dish with pasta, pesto, and … sun-dried tomatoes! The goodness of the Made in […]

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How to make a “Tasty Caprese salad”

Italian cuisine is renowned all over the world! Its secret? Knowing how to transform and enhance the genuine products of his Land with creativity and passion. A thousand combinations of tastes and flavors, from the most refined to the most traditional, united by a single common denominator: the love for good food, for the high […]

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Our Coratina and Peranzana olive trees in defense of the environment

The climate crisis, deforestation, and air pollution have become general concerns in recent decades. Sensitivity to these issues is not only strong at an institutional level, but is also slowly developing in individuals, and is becoming stronger and stronger (luckily) in the new generations. It is therefore a process under construction and it remains essential […]

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Mag Farmitoo

News from the agricultural sector: we are delighted to be part of a “green community”. Keep up to date on our production phases, our products and what we are most passionate about. MagFarmitoo deals with agritech startups, agricultural projects and associations to introduce you to the producers of this sector with advice and products. Find […]

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