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Cardoncelli mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil

Cardoncelli mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil

Cardoncelli mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil are a typical food product of Basilicata and Puglia regions, south of Italy. It is one of the best starter to bring on your table. Delicious and robust can be used as a starter before the main dish or as a seasoning near meat or other courses.

What are Cardoncelli mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil?

The cardoncelli are a particular kind of mushrooms typical of Basilicata and Puglia regions. In this product they are mixed with extra virgin olive oil to produce a food product to eat as a starter or near the mains courses. The mushrooms are known for their consistency and versatility and they can be eaten fried, raw or grilled.  They are served, in all Italy and especially in their origin region, alongside meat dishes. The Cardoncelli mushrooms are preserved in our delicious extra virgin olive oil, without any addition of colorants, preservatives or food additives. It is a product delicious to eat just out of the jar. You can use it as a snack or with char grilled red meat or smoked meat. They can be also eaten with vegetable, pasta and a rice salads.

Ingredients and storage

This mediterranean product is made by 60% of mushrooms, 33% of extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, garlic, laurel and parsley. You can find it in every store or supermarket in size available of 190gr, 1,5Kg and 3 KG, depending of your needs. They can be enjoyed by connoisseurs of italian delicacies, the Cardoncello mushrooms is making its way overseas.

If you want to store it, you must keep the jar in a dry and cool place, away from lights. After the opening, keep the product covered in its oil and consume within 20 days.

Enjoy It with your family or your friends!

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