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5 Common Myths About Extra Virgin Olive Oil Debunked

In the world of extra virgin olive oil, many myths and misconceptions abound. Many still believe in unfounded statements that lead to mistakes when choosing. That’s why today we want to clarify some of the most common misconceptions, guiding you towards a more authentic understanding of EVO oil. Content index Green olive oil is better […]

Properties and benefits of extra virgin olive oil polyphenols

Content index Polyphenols: the secrets of extra virgin olive oil What are Polyphenols? The health benefits of polyphenols The biophenols of extra virgin olive oil What do the analyzes say about our extra virgin olive oil? Extra virgin olive oil: an ally for your health Polyphenols: the secrets of extra virgin olive oil Extra virgin […]

How to Recognize a True Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Recently, two news stories about counterfeit extra virgin olive oil have disturbed the world of olive oil. These news stories not only rightly raise concern among consumers. They also highlight the challenges that we in the olive oil industry must face in terms of integrity and trust. But let’s take a step back… The Problem […]


Croccantella Oilalà edition

Do you have 5 minutes? Perfect! That’s all the time you need to prepare the “Croccantella – Oilalà edition”! The name says it all! Thin, crunchy and very tasty, the “Croccantella” is a special focaccia that is very easy to prepare that you will want to eat all the time !   No long leavening […]