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Coratina olives

Coratina olives

Why Coratina olives?

This particular kind of olive gets its name from the town it is originally from: Corato. Such an olive originated from there and progressively spread all around the Puglia region, and also in some parts of Basilicata and Calabria. Coratina olive oil has a very fruity, tangy and bitter taste, so much so that traditionally this particular kind of olive oil has been used to cut other olive oils with a less marked flavor.

Common beliefs

Coratina olives produce an olive oil that due to its particular flavor is not very appreciated by the common consumer,   infact it is often  – yet wrongly – believed that it is a lesser quality olive oil. In truth it’s quite the opposite. Coratina olives have such a particular taste due to the high levels of polyphenols they contain. These elements not only are very powerful antioxidants that prevent cellular aging, and are rich in many more healty features, but  they also make the olive oil much longer lasting. Moreover, coratina extra virgin olive oil has more than 300% more polyphenols than other kinds of olive oil, making it even more healthy and valuable than others.

Despite all its beneficial properties, it is true that it is harder to train one’s taste to strong and pungent flavors such as that of coratina olives, but at we are experts, and we couldn’t miss on the opportunity of providing our customers with all the best kinds of olive oil.

Oilalà coratina olives

We harvest our coratina olives late in the year between November and  December, with them we produce a 100% Coratina extra virgin olive oil that has a unique personality and a bouquet of freshly cut grass, artichoke and green tomatoes. Do you want to taste a top quality olive oil that can significantly upgrade your cuisine? Check our coratina extra virgin olive oil in the shop section of


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