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Extra Virgin Olive Oil: a practical guide to learn how to choose the best

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: a practical guide to learn how to choose the best

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Have you ever thought about how to recognize an excellent quality olive oil?

What are the characteristics and product properties to take into consideration?

There are people who dedicate their entire lives to the olive oil world. Every year juries made up of the world’s leading olive oil experts draw up rankings on the finest olive oils in the world.

Also this year,  the monovariety Coratina olive oil from Oilalà has been included in the Olympus of award-winning olive oils.

The main purpose of these olive oil competitions is to promote the quality and beneficial properties of EVOO due to their organoleptic characteristics and their polyphenol content. Oilalà has always pursued these goals during the processing and production of its olive oil, which boasts a prestigious “Platinum Medal” from the “London International Health Olive Oil Competition” for its beneficial properties due to the very high content of polyphenols.

Craved by the most mindful and far-sighted olive oil producers, these awards and accolades are very useful guides for olive oil enthusiasts from all over the world.


Oilalà international awards







Download here  “Oilalà – The international awards of 2020”  to discover all the prestigious awards won by our monovariety Coratina oil. 


In Italy, the tradition for this kind of competition is among the oldest in the world, but there are also many other international competitions. The qualitative judgment process follows these simple steps:

  • Shipping of the sealed olive oil bottles;
  • Laboratory analysis of anonymous samples made by the contest organization, differentiated by an automatic code that will be decrypted at the end of the operations;
  • Evaluation by a jury of leading experts in the sector, divided into groups, so the olive oil will be evaluated two times and supervised by the competition director;
  • Eventually the data will be entered in a server which merges all the information and evaluations by the judges in order to establish the winner of the competition.

But how do you taste an extra virgin olive oil? If you want to become a more aware consumer and make the right decisions when buying an high quality extra virgin olive oil, here are 3 easy steps to follow:

1. VISUAL evaluation

Pour a small amount of olive oil into a glass, shake it gently and see if the olive oil has got a low fluidity. If not, it probably has a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is a typical characteristic of seed oils.

2. OLFACTORY evaluation

To smell the olive oil correctly, it will be necessary to create the ideal conditions: you should warm up  the glass with your hand (approx. 28°C / 82,4 °F) covering the surface to not disperse the aroma. At this point you can slowly uncover the glass to inhale the aromas.

If the scent recalls fresh fruit, the olive oil will be a “Fruity Green”, if instead it recalls the sweetness of fruit it will be a “Ripe Fruity”, in any case it will be a sign of excellent quality.

3. GUSTATIVE evaluation

Taste is certainly fundamental. Also in this case, as for the sense of smell, there is almost a ritual to follow: take a sip of the olive oil, distributing it over the entire palate with a slower then more decisive suction, in order to spread the olive oil aromas all over the mouth. The olive oil should be tasted for at least 30 seconds to be able to perceive all the fragrances. The perception of bitter-spicy is immediately a sign of value and quality since that pungent sensation that spreads in the throat is due to the high content of polyphenols.

In order to have a clear tasting, it is recommended not to smoke, not to drink coffee, not to use intense body perfumes, that may alter your sense of smell, and do not eat any food one hour before the tasting… Well,  if you want to make it easier, you just have to follow the  evaluations of the international juries and buy the Multi Award winning olive oil like Oilalà.

It is thanks to these expert juries that the monovariety Coratina extra virgin olive oil from Oilalà has managed to obtain numerous awards and to be recognized by customers all over the world as an olive oil of excellent quality, the result of skillful processing and passion.


Oilalà awardsThese are just some of the prestigious awards our olive oil has received!

You can download the complete presentation here to discover them all.


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