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Olive oil extra virgin

Olive oil extra virgin

Extra virgin olive oil is the result of olives crushing in the olive oil, without adding any other chemical solvent or making it pass through any industrial intervention to modify it. There are many medical studies that prove that extra virgin olive oil is the best and most indicated for the human diet of all edible fats. The simple fact that this olive oil is the direct juice of the fruit, makes it so that it keeps all the precious nutritional values of it, making it an extremely healthy way to dress your food.

Useful for lowering “bad” cholesterol

Extra virgin olive oil is the dressing with the best balance of natural fats. Its natural composition makes it a significant way to prevent the development of heart diseases. At the same time, it’s poor on saturated fats which are the first cause of the rise of “bad” cholesterol. Apart from being a very useful aliment for heart disease prevention It keeps its properties even at very high temperatures, which makes it easier to cook without losing its nutritional characteristics or spoiling the dish final taste. Its nutritional values and it healthy features make extra virgin olive oil the only food that is acceptable to give to infants aside from mother’s milk.

Have your gourmet pick

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