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Garlic and Olive oil

Garlic and Olive oil

Garlic and Olive oil: properties and news

We have discussed long and far of the many beneficial values of olive oil but we never spoke of garlic and olive oil together. This combination allows you to benefit not only from the olive oil but also the many values of this root vegetable.

Properties of garlic

Garlic is a plant that is widespread all over the world, the part we use is the bulb which grows underground. Garlic has been used since time unknown not only as a mean of nutrition but also as a medicinal plant, infact it can justly be considered a natural antibiotic, due to its rich contents of allicin, a substance that the plant uses as a defense mechanism against bacteria.

The benefits of garlic don’t stop here, for it is also an antioxidant, it fights inflammations especially of the digestive system and it is a great antiseptic agent.

How to unite garlic and olive oil

The easiest way to unite garlic and olive oil is to take garlic cloves and put them in a pot whit cold olive oil (yes, do not preheat it!) and let it heat up for just a few minutes. This will not let the cloves burn but release all its properties and fragrances in the oil.

Once it cools down you only need to take out the garlic cloves and what will be left is a dressing that holds exquisite flavor that can be used in any dish of your liking. You can also personalize it by adding spices you enjoy and serve your friends and family something extremely tasteful and unique.

Do make sure that both your olive oil and garlic are of the best quality and of biologic cultivation whenever possible. Visit where you can choose from the best olive oil selection and you can rest assured that you are going to enjoy a product that respects all the steps of traditional oil making and offers the best standards quality wise.

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