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How to make a “Tasty Caprese salad”

How to make a “Tasty Caprese salad”

Italian cuisine is renowned all over the world! Its secret? Knowing how to transform and enhance the genuine products of his Land with creativity and passion.

A thousand combinations of tastes and flavors, from the most refined to the most traditional, united by a single common denominator: the love for good food, for the high quality of raw materials, passion, and pride for their origin.

It is for this reason that we have decided to write a new column dedicated to how to prepare tasty and delicious dishes of Italian cuisine:

“The recipes of Oilalà” 🤩

Many imaginative traditional Italian recipes, but not only: international dishes, vegan food, and much more!

A fun way to discover with us the best way to combine our olive oil and our products. Furthermore you will find lots of ideas for your lunch or your summer dinners!

Let’s start right away with a summer must-have: our “Tasty Caprese!”

tasty salad

Create your Tasty Caprese

Here is everything you need to prepare it

Here for you our proposal: Extra Virgin Olive oil

  • olive denocciolate

    Pitted Nocellara Olives 190g

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  • Set Spray 2x100ml Extra virgin olive oil and Balsamic Essence

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