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How to use olive oil

How to use olive oil

Extreme Cooking: Olive Oil Edition

How can you put your finest olive oil to use? Well, a complete answer would be too long to give you here, still we can give you a few suggestions. So let’s see together how to use olive oil.

Ever Greens

Of course you can use olive oil to deep fry your food of choice, after all, isn’t it well known far and wide that anything will taste better once fried?

Whether you agree or not, we can all agree that eating only fried food will not be the best choice for a healthy diet, so here is some more “food for thought”.

Although it may surprise you, extra virgin olive oil is very good if used in chocolate or fruit flavored cupcakes, exalting the taste of the stuffing.  It makes the dough easier to mix for you can mix it up by hand without any mixers.

High quality olive oil such as Oilalà’s will exalt your salad giving it a full and very savory taste, making it a simple, quick to be made, healthy and awesome meal. If you like Greek style salads extra virgin olive oil is fantastic to make the feta or mozzarella cheese stand out in the mix.

A few more hints

Since Oilalà is from the Apulia region, we want to give you our homeland spin for bruschette. Try using frisa bread instead of regular one. It is a typical kind of dry bread that has to be dipped briefly into water to soften before use. This will give you a taste of our rich land flavors.

There are many ways to use olie oil, but did you know that you can also use it to cleanse and moisturize your skin, to make homemade soap and condition your wooden furniture? Well, if you didn’t, now you do.

Aren’t you hungry now? We have shown you a few ways of how to use olive oil, check our shop section at before starting to cook, there you’ll find our finest olive oils selection!

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