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Infused olive oil

Infused olive oil

Iinfused olive oil is a light, tasty way to add flavor to different kinds of meal.It can be used as a dressing on your food or in different cooking ways. Easy to make at home, its process requires careful consideration of ingredients to prevent the growth of bacteria in the bottle.

Infused olive oil

It is possible to prepare an excellent infused oil standing at your home and using dried wild herbs. Making it by yourself is super easy but you should know that the intensity of the flavour varies depending on the season. Olive oil will pick up the flavor quickly expecially in the first few weeks, and it slowly intensifies only in a second moment. To infuse olive oil you have to wash fresh herbs and let them dry. Then, place the herbs in a food processor and pulverize them for 30 seconds.  At the end push the herbs in a bottle and fill it to the top with olive oil. Finally you refrigerate the bottle for one or two week and then stain and re-bottle the infused olive oil once you’re satisfied with the flavour.

What should I do to make sure the infused olive oil I make is safe to eat?

There are a lot of ways to prepare infused olive oil, some safer than others. Another way is to prepare it is to put anything in the oil that can contain any trace of water or moisture. You have to know that the olive oil will not support bacterical growth but the water containing herbs will. For this reason there are several things you can do to avoid this problem.

First of all mix all the ingredients, refrigerate them and use them only after a week. Than you can preserve the added ingredients. You can dry the herbs to remove all water, leaving essential oils or if you want you can press the oil with the spices. Following these little steps will help you avoiding the growth of bacteria and produce a delicious infused olive oil to use while cooking or as a dressing on your food.

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