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Italy and olive oil

Italy and olive oil

Italy and olive oil, the longest love story of all time

Italy thrust itself in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, making  it the perfect environment for the natural growth of many varieties of olive trees. For this reason the populations that have lived in the Italian peninsula have had the possibility to enjoy a wide range of olive based product.

Few may know that…

Nowadays Italian olive oil is used all around the world in the making of the best dishes in many cuisines, but you may be surprised that before the use of coal as a fuel, olives from the Apulia region were mainly used to make burning oil, that was sold all around Europe to fuel lamps. This is because it could be sold for much higher prices than edible oil therefore only the rich would have olive oil on their tables. Master producers of 100% Italian olive oil

At we have made treasure of the knowledge of our fathers and  of our grandfathers before them, and we have specialized in adapting to the modern market a product deep set into Italian tradition. Our mission is to give our customers a unique tasting experience.  We want you to be able to exalt your dishes flavor but at the same time be able to taste the various aspects of our many olive oils.

Our production methods are completely respectful of the environment and follow nature rhythms, even though this means fewer yields in olives; we have only one rule: top quality before everything else, always. Once harvested the olives are brought to the mill within six hours so that they preserve all their organoleptic properties and most importantly low acid content.

Our international awards are proof to a simple fact, we are masters in the production of organic Italian olive oil. Want to know more? Check our website at


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