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Leccino olives

Some background

Leccino olives are believed to be original of Tuscany, in Italy, and they have been used since th Middle Ages. Today,  however, they are cultivated in all over Italy as well as all around the world (California, Australia Chile).

They are of small-medium size and have a characteristic dark green to dark violet color, take relatively short time to ripen and leccino olives yields are quantitatively considerable and overall constant throughout the year due to their size. This is why they have become the most used kind of olive, not only in olive oil making but also as food, infact they are commonly used in traditional Italian cuisine for both first and second servings as well as on their own.

Oilalà’s leccino olives

At Oilalà we harvest our leccino olives in October, when the olive peels begin to darken quickly, because that’s the moment when the oil comes out best. Unfortunately in this time yields are not as high as if we did pick them a little later when they are completely dark, but if you have been reading any of our articles you must have understood  by now that at we take quality over quantity any day of the week.

We like to do things the old fashioned way, for the picking, called “stripping”, is strictly manual or by the use of wooden rakes we pass over the threes in order to cause only the ripe olives to fall. This allows us to keep the fruits from damage and at the same time keep all their organoleptic properties.

More reasons

Are you looking for more reasons to buy products made from leccino olives? Well, we left the most simple and yet important one for last: they are delicious! So what are you waiting for? Do you  want to taste genuine Made in Italy extra virgin olive oil? Visit the shop section at 🙂

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