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Mediterranean olive oil

Mediterranean olive oil

Extra Virgin mediterranean olive oil is the perfect olive oil for your diet. It is sourced from hand selected olives grown along the southern shore of the Mediterranean. Typically of country like Italy, Spain or Greek, it lends a delicate flavor to light frying, sautéing and baking. It can be also enjoy simply, drizzled over crisp, fresh salad greens with a squeese of fresh lemon juice. Try and Enjoy it!

Mediterranean Diet

The mediterranean diet is one of the most healthly and delicious diet in the world. It has been classified by many experts as one of the best diets in the wolrd and the same UNESCO declared it an Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010. Mediterranea Diet is more than a way of eating. It is practiced in country along the Mediterranean and what’s notable about this diet is a central role played by vegetables, fruit,fish, cheese and exspecially Extra virgin mediterranean olive oil. Infact there’s more about mediterranean olive oil. Extra virgin mediterranean olive oil plays the mean role in this diet. Here you can find a short explication about it.

The role of mediterranean olive oil

One of the main characteristic of the Mediterranean Diet is the consumpion of Olive Oil as an essential fat. Its use is always associated with a high consumption of vegetables because of its use as a dressing for salads, vegetables and cooked legumes. It is so important because it contains vitamin E, phenols and more nutritional ingredients usefull for our health.

If you want to change your lifestyle and improve your health, you can start consuming more Extra Virgin Mediterranea Olive Oil. From Spain, Italy or Greek, choosing this kind of olive oil you can enrich your favourites recipes and improve your healtly without particular efforts.

With mediterranean Olive oil surced from hand selected olives trees, your meal will be more delicious and more and more healthly.

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