Eggplants in extra virgin olive oil

We use fresh violet skin and white pulp eggplants with an intense flavor and slightly peppery.
We cut them in very thin fillets so you can get a special consistency and fragrance. They can be eaten the way they are as appetizer or paired with salami, meat and cheese.
The eggplants are preserved in our delicious extra virgin olive oil, without any addition of preservatives, colorants or food additives.

Ingredients: Eggplants 59%, extra virgin olive oil 33%, parsley, mint, chili, wine vinegar, salt.

Store: Please, keep the jar in a dry and cool place, away from lights. After the opening keep the product covered in its oil and consume within 20 days.

Ideal as: This recipe is very fast for those who love the eggplants and strong flavors. Open in half a sandwich type “Arabic”, pour the extra virgin olive oil you find inside the jar, lie on some of our slices eggplant and two slices of fresh goat cheese. Finish by adding a teaspoon of Pesto from Oilalà. Close and good lunch !

Size available: 190g, 1,5kg, 3kg