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Olive oil champions

Olive oil champions

Olive oil champions

At you will find only the best olive oil selections. It is very important for us to take part in international competitions in order to give our product international recognition. We started in 2016 and we’ve been all around the world and our hard work has paid off, infact, ever since then we’ve become a multi awarded olive oil company.

We have travelled from the United States, to Greece, Japan and China winning several prizes three years in a row. We believe our success is due to the special effort we put into uniting aesthetic and taste refinement in harmony with the environment.

The competitions we took part in

The United States of America especially appreciate our work for we have been awarded the New York International Olive Oil Competition Gold Medal three years in a row since 2016. We also won Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition silver medal in 2017, came back this year and won the gold medal.

In 2018 we brought our olive oil to Asia and it has been a good idea. Both China and Japan awarded us with respectively the Gold Olive Medium and both Best in Class of Monocultivar on the national level competition and the Gold Medal for the Tokyo event.

Why we do it

You may ask yourself why do we take such an interest in going around the globe? It’s very simple! We love participating in these events because it gives us the chance to meet with olive oil makers all around the world and exchange experiences and ideas. We take pride in learning other cultures way of interpreting olive oil production staying true to our own tradition at the same time. Quality, great design, tradition and innovation, all these elements allow us to provide you with a unique experience of tasting every day a multi awarded olive oil.

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