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Hi, I’m Spiros, founder of Oilalà!


First of all thank you, I am very happy that you are interested in knowing more about the new path we are undertaking.


It begins today, with the presentation of the two new lines “Monocultivar” and “The Traditions”  and will be fully completed by spring 2023, with the presentation of a truly exciting project that I’ve been working on for a long time.


One step at a time, I want to transmit my values ​​and what I believe in thanks to extra virgin olive oil.


As of this year, I have therefore decided to make this aspect central in Oilalà’s journey: I want my (and above all our) work to become a way of expressing the role we can play in society and in favor of man and nature.


We want to have a concrete role.


So our motto becomes “Live Better”.


This because our commitment to the well-being of people and the planet is constant and defines what we do.


And I think that is what is really important, along with attention to quality.


From the almost entirely organic production, to the recovery of abandoned olive groves, to the reduction of waste in agriculture and throughout the entire processing phase; from the essential packaging as to not waste, to the choice of picking the olives before to have a high content of polyphenols even if this means a lower return and therefore higher costs.


We do all this because we want to participate in creating a better future.


I believe and we believe in the importance of the symbiotic relationship between man and nature: respecting what has been given to us is fundamental, as the awareness that our energies and our time must be protected.


The two new lines mark the first step in the journey: we have decided to make our communication more understandable, in order to reach a wider audience and allow everyone to find the right extra virgin olive oil for their palate.


The Traditions” is a line that allows you to taste the spectacular DOP olive oils of our country, and to take your first steps in the world of quality artisan olive oil.


“Monocultivar” is the line that allows you to live ever-new experiences: every single Monocultivar carries the typical flavours of the plant from which it comes from, allowing you to create interesting and innovative tastings in addition to being able to make you travel throughout Italy to discover ancient olive cultivars.


The two new lines and the two new designs want to introduce you to this new path.
The more we are, the stronger we will be. I firmly believe in the ability to generate positive change together.


For these same reasons, I chose to move to Umbria, in the hills of Assisi and bring with my company and my family.


In these places I found what I was looking for: the perfect combination between mind, body and soul all surrounded by an abundant and silent nature. Here in the heart of our beautiful country, it will be easier to have access to the various treasures of Italian olive growing, located from North to South, among our beautiful regions all to be discovered.


Oilalà will take you on a new journey. Oilalà will be your researcher of the Italian green gold, the best and healthiest one.


Do you want to come and visit me to see up close how we build our path every day?


Write to us at and let’s arrange it!