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Oil balsamic vinegar dresssing

Oil balsamic vinegar dresssing

Oil balsamic vinegar dressing is one of the most popular and delicious dressings to enrich your dishes. From bread dippers to marinades, from meat to salads. For all fans of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, here is a simple and short article to make your meal more delicious

Oil Balsamic vinegar for a really creamy sauce

Oil balsamic vinegar is one of the most used and common emulsions. It is mostly used as a dressing for salads, but also for marinating or to flavor freshly cooked meats. In some cases it is even used to season boiled fish, but it is in salads and vegetable that find its best use. And wich kind of insalads? Why they like so much?

Well, it is not difficult to guess the answer. They are fresh, light and  theylessing during hot summer days as you can avoid spending time on the heat of the kitchen cooker. Moreover, , your can bring them with you without any mess in Tupperware for your work lunches. In fact, salads are welcome both in the office and at the seaside. What makes this sauce so yummy? It’s all about the seasoning, the magic of flavours is hidden in this detail. Olive oil and vinegar are the most beloved dressing for salad, and the combination of both make this a killing recipe.

Balsamic salad with chicken, breadsticks and dried fruit

The first on the list? Balsamic salad with chicken, breadsticks and dried freuit. A rich recipe that should be enjoyed as a single dish. The sensation? A mix of intense flavors that pleases adults, children and gourmands. The two ingredients that give personality to this cold dish are the extra virgin olive oil and the traditional balsamic vinegar. They enhance the cicken and make the slightly pungent if you decide to add mayonnaise. Enjoy the meal!

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