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Olive oil bread

Olive oil bread

Preparing good homemade bread is always a great satisfaction especially concerning olive oil bread. In Italy, it is an ancient tradition often handed down by our grandmothers who knew how to make homemade bread. Our Olive oil bread is so fragrant and delicious that it seems the ideal product to filled with salami or to accompany appetizers. Enjoy it!

Olive oil bread

Olive oil bread are a real and amazing discovery. It’s  very soft but above all it’s loved by adults and children. It is an excellent variant to classic bread and it can be stuffed in many different ways with so much yummy food. The are many techniques to prepare it: with dehydrated yeast, fresh brewer’s yeast, kneading by hand or with the thermo mix and so on. It does not matter the way you prepare it, in the end, you will always be sure to bring to the table a genuine and soft product that will win over everyone. Actually, thanks to its soft consistency, the olive oil bread matches perfectly with any type of salami, while enhancing its consistency and flavor it turns from a simple side dish to the protagonist of irresistible gourmet sandwiches.

A short history about olive oil bread

The olive oil bread was born in northern Italy and it is an enriched version of the common bread and it is still prepared in countless ways. The date of birth of olive oil bread is almost unknow, but it seems that it was born in the coldest northern regions because the addition of oil made the dough more resistant to cold.

Nowadays olive oil bread is prepared all over Italy in the same way, prepared in different shapes and sizes, the recipe may vary concerning the quantity and the quality of the olive oil they use. The only exception is the “Mantuan Biova” in which the fat part of the olive oil is replaced by lard, just as it happens for the typical piadina.

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