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Olive oil calories

Olive oil calories

Do you know how many calories there are in your favorite olive oil? Well here you can find your answer. You can also discover the high nutritional quality of one of the best product in the world: olive oil!

Olive oil Calories and Nutrition facts

Olive oil is an ancient food that has been used by people for thousands of years. Its calories come from fat, making it an extremely heart healthy addition to your diet. In one tablespoon of olive oil there are about 124 calories and 14gr of fat that making it a high calorie food product.

This fat is healthy, mostly monounsaturated, and if you use it moderately for example in cooking or dressing food, you can have a lot of health benefits for you soul and especially your body. Let’s see!

The benefits of olive oil in your diet

Did you know that olive oil has beneficial qualities like, and sometime better, than any kind of medicine? The study produced by American Food and Drug Administration recognizes extraordinary health benefits of olive oil and suggests us to drink two spoonfuls of fresh extra virgin olive oil per day. In the following lines we want to explain the reason and to show the main healthy proprieties of this product.

Olive oil is also rich in vitamin E, a fat soluble that supports normal nerve conduction and plays a role in immunity. Moreover, thanks to its monounsaturated fat olive oil increases good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol. And if you use one or two tablespoons per day for your diet you also can have anti-inflammatory effects by reducing c-reactive protein.

Olive oil also may help to protect the heart preventing blood platelets which is a cause of heart attacks.

Some studies suggest the olive oil you could protect you from cognitive decline, osteoporosis and it can even improve the balance of bacteria in your guts.

At the end we can say that the benefits of olive oil, their fats and calories, are so important that everyone of us should include in our diet one or two tablespoon of olive oil per day!

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