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Olive oil cholesterol

Olive oil cholesterol

Is the olive oil a good product for cholesterol patients? Our answer is, without doubt, yes and in this article you can find our explanation to show you the reason that makes olive oil a good product for cholesterol patients.

Relationship between Olive oil and cholesterol

Not every kind of fats are bad for our body and the olive oil is not only a good product to eat for our body, but it may also be effective to prevent high blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. There are several types of olive oil depending on the different extracton methods. Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is the least refined and it is the best way to oduce a perfect product with the greatest number of health benefits, especially for people who suffer hypertension or high cholesterol.

Concerning cholesterol levels, it is sometime associated to consuming too much fat. But the fat in olive oil is actually a “good” fat because it helps to eliminate the “bad” fat that increases cholesterol levels. For this reason olive oil plays an important role in lowering low-density lipoproteins, which form the “bad” cholesterol.

The importance of olive oil

Extra virgin oil produces the greatest results in lowering cholesterol. This happens thanks to processing of production of oil. Indeed it is made by crushing the olives and not refining them. In this way the oil retains a great number of antioxidants that benefit the cardiovascular system. But at the same time we have to be carefull with it becasue olive oil is high in calories, we suggest do not consume more than the recommended serving. The bast way to consume it is to incorporate olive oil into your diet as a replacement for butter and other fats. Instead of using vegetable oils for baked goods, you can use olive oil. You can use it for sauté vegetables, but you should not use it for frying. Here there are several reason that explain why the olive oil is a good product for your health. Now enjoy it!


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