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Olive oil diet

Olive oil diet

Olive Oil Mediterranean Diet

Olive oil and particularly extra virgin olive oil stands at the very core of what is commonly called the Mediterranean diet. Of course it takes its name from the geographical origins of the cuisines of all those countries in southern Europe, where olive trees have been growing for millennia and have always been used to prepare food but also to add flavor and texture to the various dishes.

As we said before there are many beneficial properties of olive oil, especially the extra virgin kind, it helps preventing heart diseases, helps digestion and slows the aging process of skin and also bones.

Olive oil diet dos and don’ts

In the Mediterranean diet olive oil is used in many different ways and we do recommend you to do likewise, you may enjoy it as a dressing on vegetables, meat and fish, but also as a cooking or frying base, enriching all kinds of food with its properties. Please keep in mind that when you use olive oil to cook it is very important not to heat it too much and let it reach its smoking point. Doing this will be cause of development of chemical reactions that are toxic for our health and also it will make it much harder to properly cook your meals and enhance the likelihood that you’ll spoil your food.

You want only the best and provides you with it

In order to take advantage of all the beneficial features of an olive oil based diet you need to consume only the best quality olive oil, not only that, if possible use only biologic olive oil.

We take our work very seriously, and it is a reason of pride for us to produce biologic olive oil that is the final result of a long, handmade and traditional process, which allows us to provide you with the best olive oil on the market. Visit our online store where you will find all you can possibly desire in order to start your olive oil diet.

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