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Olive oil extract

Olive oil extract

Olive oil extract: interesting news

At we are all about olive oil, in all its forms and varieties. We are very fond of the traditions we carry on and the way we do our job.

All starts around the half of October and ends in mid November, it all depends on the specific cultivar of olive we harvest. Each one will provide us with the material necessary to produce olive oils with different flavors and textures, character and personalities. Why do we do it? It’s very simple we dedicated our lives to producing the best olive oil extract on the market.

Different kinds of olives

As anticipated we grow different cultivars of olives. From the most common Peranzana kind to the Coratina olive, passing by the Peranzana variety that was originally from the French region of Provence but can only be found in the Apulia region today. From each one of these we make a different olive oil or a blend selection that can give a different personality to the dishes you’ll use it in.

Taking care of our olive oil extract

All the process from fruit to bottle olive oil s done respecting the traditions which our fathers and grandfathers passed on to us, therefore the harvesting is completely done by hand or at most using wooden tools. It is true that this slows down a lot the activities, yet it allows us to preserve the integrity of each and every olive we pick, hence letting it express its best qualities once turned into olive oil.

Also we make sure that all the olives arrive to the mill within 3 hours after they’ve been harvested where they will be cleaned and processed and finally bottled. We take much care of every single detail throughout the whole process because we know that if we take care of our olive oil extract, in the end it’s going to take care of us.

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