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Olive oil process

Olive oil process

Our olive oil process

In order to better understand the quality of our olive oil it is paramount to know the various phases of our olive oil process.

It all starts with the harvesting, which takes place from mid October and ends in mid november depending on the variety of the olives. We take particular pride in harvesting our olives by hand in order to preserve them from any damage that might ruin the end result of the olive oil, even though this means more labor and less expenses.

It is also very important that the olives are brought to the mill as fast as possible, and we make it so that they are delivered to the mill within 3 hours after they have been harvested. This haste allows us to produce olive oil that keeps all the organoleptic properties of the fruit.

Once they arrive at the mill the olives are prepared for the olive oil process by being thoroughly washed and stored in special containers.  We firmly believe in the importance of processing olives that are completely free of impurities.

The processing of the olives

Once the olives have been cleaned and stored the olives are crushed into what is called ‘oil paste’, a mixture of olive oil, water, peel pulp and pits.

The oil paste is then kneaded in to steel tanks in order to facilitate the separation of oil and water in the following step o the process. Even if we could increase production by kneading them at higher temperatures we do it at 23°C, which guarantees better quality.

The kneaded paste is then put into a decanter which separates the pomace from water and oil, which are then put into the ‘Separator’, which further filters and separates (as you might have guessed) them.

Final filtering and delivery

The olive oil we separated is finally stored into 18/10 stainless steel containers that are kept in specific rooms that keep it from heat and light. Here the olive oil is filtered from natural impurities and sediment one last time, and finally put in our high design bottles, which are then sent all around the world to our customers.

Now that you know our olive oil process, why don’t you visit our online store? The best extra virgin olive oil is waiting for you!

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