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Olive oil spray

Olive oil spray

Olive oil is an indispensable ingredient in our kitchens. From simple recipes to more elaborate ones, olive oil is a must have in every kitchen and essential on every table. But did you know the new and innovative way to serve it? Olive oil spray! Let’s see its characteristics!

Olive oil spray

Using olive oil spray is becoming more popular nowadays, first in restaurants and now even in our homes. Olive oil is a gold mine for every restaurant owner and this new technology makes it even more attractive. Olive oil spray is practical and quick to use, it spreads the oil homogeneously on every dish, enriching it with perfume and fragrances. With this technology, the liquid escapes from holes in the augers, it is pulverized more finely in relation to the diameter of the outlet holes.

Nebulising oil makes drops smaller as to be invisible. How many times have you poured too much oil? Now you will no longer have this problem!

Spray dispenser: how to use

It takes less than a second to season any dish. The bottle should be kept inclined perpendicular to the plate at a distance of 10-15″. Usually a spray delivers 0,0017 in of product, equivalent to a portion. The bottle should be stored at room temperature away from any type of heat source.

Nowadays there are different kinds of olive oil spray. One of the most common is the chilli olive oil spray. It has a spicy, intense and long lasting flavour. Another one is lemon olive oil spray, with a zesty lemony hint that will give a kick to your dishes.

Last but not least, there’s the truffle olive oil spray. It has a signature aroma, perfect to enrich your favourite dishes, from pasta to meat, even for a good side dish as bruschetta.




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