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Olive oil uses

Olive oil uses

There are a several olive oil uses in the world. From cooking to health uses, olive oil can be useful for different situation. It has a lot of benefit not only for our palates but also for our skin, beauty and body. Let’s see their use and its benefits.

Olive oil uses

Everyone knows the importance of the olive oil in our kitchen and especially its use in  Mediterranean diet. It is used in cooking, to finish different kind of dishes, especially pasta or to season dishes like salads and bruschette.   But who knows the importance of the olive oil uses for our body, beauty and skin?

Well, many studies show that some olive oil uses produce important benefits for our health. And here you can find the main benefit of its use.

Benefits of their use

Here we want to show the main uses of olive oil outside the kitchen. Check out these ideas that make it a must-have beauty and household product.

It can be used to remove eyes makeup replacing cleansing milk. Then it can soothe chapped lips. Mixing some coarse sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil you can soothe lips impurities.

In addiction a good uses of olive oil can rejuvenate your face thanks to an olive oil face mask.

Furthermore olive oil has got particular properties in cleaning and shining hair. For this reason it could replace conditioner.

It not unusual use olive oil as a good treatments for small skin accident or in other cases it is often used especially in SPA and in no medical treatment such as message or muscle stimulation.

So remember to use not only in kitchen to season your salads but also in bathroom as a beauty product or in a beauty center or Spa for your fitness in general.

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