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Gourmet Selection – The Most Popular


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Selection of the gourmets most loved by our customers:
◾ Basil pesto in extra virgin olive oil 190g
◾ Sun dried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil 190g
◾ Pitted Peranzana Olives 190g
◾ Farmer’s artichokes in extra virgin olive oil 190g
◾ Artichoke and olive tapenade with extra virgin olive oil 190g
◾ Organic Rustic Tomato Puree 420g
Products with 100% Italian ingredients
Ideal for those who love the taste and tradition of authentic Apulian and Italian cuisine
Vegetables harvested and processed in full respect of their seasonality.

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The gourmet selection “The Most Popular” is the exclusive series of the gastronomic excellences of Apulia most appreciated by our customers

Pitted Peranzana olives, grilled artichokes, sun dried and puréed tomatoes and then the tasty varieties of basil pesto and artichoke and olive tapenade. In short, the best of the Apulian and Italian peasant tradition.

Our best extra virgin olive oil, in addition to enhancing the flavors, harmonises, envelops and rounds them.

The products are preserved in glass jars using our precious extra virgin olive oil. Inside each jar you will find the freshness and intensity of each individual ingredient.

Here are the 6 gourmet products included in this kit

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Weight 4 kg

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