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Olive Oil Collection

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Kit consisting of bottles of:
◾ Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml with an intense flavor
◾ Organic Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml with an intense flavor
◾ Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml with a medium fruity taste
◾ 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil 750ml with a delicate taste

◾ Extra virgin olive oil flavored with orange 250ml
◾ Extra virgin olive oil flavored with basil 250ml
◾ Extra virgin olive oil flavored with chilli 250ml
Current olive oil harvest: 2023/2024

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All our types of extra virgin olive oil to satisfy your every desire for taste and combination

The protagonists of this kit are all our olive oils: from monovariety Majolica bottle to flavored evo oils:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oilalà: Naturally Different

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Coratina and Peranzana
The Monocultivar Coratina is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from 100% Coratina olives.
It gives life to a quality olive oil with an intense fruity taste and what makes this olive oil unique is its bitter and pleasantly spicy tendency.

It is the olive oil of excellence that “stings in the throat”

While the Monocultivar Peranzana is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from 100% Peranzana olives.

It has a lighter fruity taste than Coratina, it is slightly spicy, with a small bitter note.

  • Elected in 2020 best Italian extra virgin olive oil in the international WREVOO ranking
  • Olive oil obtained from the current olive oil campaign: 2023/2024
  • 100% Italian Olives, still VERY Green harvested (those that give less oil, but more exquisite) from our local olive groves and very fresh pressed within 4 hours
  • Acidity value: less than 0.2%. Well below 0.8%, the limit imposed by law for extra virgin olive oils
  • Packaging embellished with lively majolica, perfect to enrich your table, to give as gifts and also to collect
  • It is an artisanal olive oil produced in a sustainable way for which we produce a few thousand bottles a year and NOT hundreds of thousands.
  • Shelf life: 18 months from bottling
  • Try one of the best oils in the world!

The production method plays a fundamental role

From the moment of the olive harvest, which takes place between the end of October and the beginning of November, less than 4 hours pass to the pressing in the mill.

In this way we guarantee the freshness of the product and the perfect conservation of its organoleptic properties.
It’s cold pressed thanks to modern continuous cycle machines.

This allows to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil unaltered, preserving all the properties of the olives, the amount of minerals, vitamins and antioxidant substances for the body.

Once the olive oil has been extracted, we filter it to remove the last particles of olive pulp and vegetation water, which could deteriorate the integrity of the olive oil over time.

This is the only way to extract the highest quality and obtain a very fresh, genuine olive oil with an unmistakable taste.

A little warning

As soon as you taste our Monocultivar Coratina and Peranzana you will realize their goodness …

I assure you that once tasted you will hardly go back! Because as our customers say, they are addicted!

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