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Professional olive wood cutting board


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 320 reviews
  • Handcrafted and finished in Apulia
  • For those looking for a unique piece of design, natural, handcrafted and durable
  • Obtained with Apulian olive wood
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Shipping: Italy, Europe, USA, Canada and United Arab Emirates
  • WARNING: the cutting boards are handmade with olive wood and are unique pieces! Measurements and shapes may vary slightly from the pictures for illustrative purposes.
  • ✔️ Fast delivery within 5/6 business days
  • ✔️ Free shipping to Luxembourg, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, and Belgium for orders over €200


The high-quality professional olive wood cutting board, available in three sizes, is perfect for adding aesthetic taste and originality to your dishes.


Attention to detail, fine wood and artisan creativity!


Its main features?


  • UNIQUENESS AND REFINEMENT: The extremely hard wood of the olive tree is one of the most exclusive woods in the world. Handcrafted to ensure the highest quality. Each cutting board is a unique design element, there will be no other pieces on the market like yours. The irregularity of their veins and the complex motifs that form between them make each piece unique. Made by the expert hands of a historic local wood craftsman, who wisely and lovingly worked a precious olive wood to create art forms.


  • HIGH DURABILITY, PREMIUM QUALITY: Our professional kitchen cutting board has a level 6 hardness in the Monnin test (UNE 56-534), positioning itself as a “Hard” category wood, long lasting and superior quality cutting board. Likewise, it does not allow the penetration or proliferation of germs or bacteria; it is also particularly resistant to stains and the typical odors that some foods leave behind. Plus, our boards are the thickest on the market, averaging 2cm. For the final polishing, only vegetable and natural products were used.


  • IDEAL GIFT: A gift is worth as much as the love with which it was selected. Each cutting board is a unique piece and has a unique grain. Give something unique! The elegant gift box completes the gift experience.


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL, TO CUT AND SERVE: This cutting board offers the possibility of being able to use it on both sides, using one side for slicing and the other for presenting meals. Thanks to its above-average size it is an ideal work surface! The olive tree is essentially compact and hard, which makes it remarkably resistant to knives and other kitchen utensils.


  • EASY AND FAST CLEANING: the smooth surface and the refined design allow you to clean the cutting board in a few seconds simply with a damp cloth. Do not wash in the dishwasher and do not let it soak and let it dry by hanging it from the hole provided.


Handcrafted production and first choice materials guarantee long life, high functionality, and timeless beauty.


You can choose between:

  • high-quality professional cutting board in “Size Maxi” olive wood (66cm X 22 X 2cm) or
  • high-quality professional cutting board in medium olive wood (50cm X 19cm X 2cm) or
  • fine professional cutting board in smart olive wood (33cm X 20cm X 2cm)

The dimensions may vary slightly, as they are the result of our craftsmanship.


To keep it shiny it is recommended to apply a vegetable oil from time to time to restore the original beauty of the product and smooth any cuts and incisions. It is recommended to let it dry vertically, hanging from the appropriate hole, to prevent water from stagnating and penetrating into the olive wood. A good cutting board, if well maintained, can last for many years…

Additional information

Weight N/A
Chopping board size

Maxi – 66x22x2cm (approx), Medium- 51x19x2cm (approx), Smart – 33x20x2cm

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