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Organic yellow tomato Purèe “Passata” 420g


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  • Produced by 100% Made in Italy ingredients 
  • Ideal for those who love the taste and tradition of the authentic italian cuisine
  • 100 % vegan
  • Preservative and colorant-free product
  • Tomatoes harvested and processed with full respect for seasonality 
  • Limited quantity available
  • Shipments: Italy, Europe, USA, Canada and the United Arab Emirates


The warmth, aromas and flavors of Southern Italy in a concentrate of taste and well-being!

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The Organic yellow tomato puree is a delicate, pulpy and genuine product that brings with it all the taste and aroma of freshly picked tomatoes.

It is obtained from round yellow organic tomatoes, still grown today with strictly manual techniques, on support poles that keep the fruit separate from the earth to preserve the integrity and quality of the product.


The yellow tomato, very sweet, rich in antioxidants and with very low acidity, was originally the most widespread variety in the Mediterranean: it is in fact from its golden color that the Italian name “Pomo d’oro” derives.

Today, on the contrary, yellow tomatoes are considered a rarity, a gourmet specialty to be used in author’s recipes, to give a more original touch to your preparations.


Its characteristics of sweetness and low acidity make it ideal for pairing with pasta dishes, pizza, white-fleshed fish or in contrast to strong flavours, such as spicy dishes with turmeric.



Ingredients: Yellow Organic Tomatoes, sea salt

Origin of tomatoes: Apulia, Italy

Nutrition facts (Average values per 100 g): Calories:128KJ/30kcal; Fat: 0.5 g, which saturated fat: 0g ;Carbohydrate: 4.1g, which sugars:4.1g; Protein: 1.8g; Salt: 580mg.

Store: Please keep the jar in a dry and cool place, away from lights. After the opening keep the product refrigerated and consume within few days.

Size: 420g

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