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“Perdo la Testa” Sparkling Rosé Wine from Centumbrie IGP


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  • IGP Sparkling Rosé Wine
  • Winery: Centumbrie
  • Grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet, Trebbiano, and Malvasia.
  • Vines: organically farmed
  • Origin: Umbria – Italy
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Bottle re-fermented using the ancestral method, hence without disgorgement. Red grapes vinified in rosé and white grapes, processed separately, are combined in winter to then undergo the second fermentation in the bottle.

It’s a “glou-glou” wine, simple, tasty, and light but with a good fullness due to the red grapes.

Great with dishes of not too strong flavors but allows, due to its Umbrian character, to also pair well with the richer tastes of some cheeses and cold cuts.

A wine that, during chewing, needs to meet fiber, thus excellent with vegetables and with fatty but delicate textures like lake fish.

The Vineyards

Almost 4 hectares of vines, of which about 30% are new plantings. Most of the Cm Centumbrie vineyards are old vine recovery, of mixed but indigenous varieties of the territory. The plots are among the hills of Lake Trasimeno at altitudes ranging from 250 to 400 meters. The soils are mostly clayey. Agricultural practices follow the dictates of organic farming, respect for the land, and common sense. Any interventions are mostly based on sulfur and/or copper, minimized and managed wisely. The training systems for the plants are mainly guyot and spurred cordon. The harvest and selection of fruits are manual, winemaking is artisanal and without the use of chemical coadjuvants. We produce natural wines, without the addition of sulfurous, with spontaneous fermentation, indigenous yeasts, and no temperature control. We love the substance, and for this reason, we do not filter.

Organic Production

The fields of Centumbrie are cultivated organically, and the sowing follows seasonality. We work the land respecting the natural balances of nature, supporting the development of indigenous species, and requalifying abandoned cultivations. We attest our commitment through certifications such as PDO, Organic, and Slow Food Presidium.

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