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  • OFFER VALID UNTIL 31/05/2021
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  • Best Italian extra virgin olive oil in the international WREVOO ranking + Apulian Pasta UNO.61 awarded in 2020 by Forbes of the 100 Italian excellence award
  • Limited quantity available
  • Shipping: Italy, Europe, USA, Canada and the United Arab Emirates
  • WARNING: the Pasta packages are made with selected fabric scraps, embracing the cause of RECOVERY and SUSTAINABILITY. For these reasons, the article packaged in this pattern is a unique piece and it is not possible to choose either the fabric or the pattern.

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For the May offer we have thought of something truly unique and special: a collection of gastronomic excellences that will allow you, not only to buy (or repurchase) our best olive oil but also to discover a culinary delight that you do not expect: the Apulian award-winning pasta UNO.61.


What’s special about it?

The quintessence of art, design and taste.





Dried for a long time, at low temperature, the whole process respects the dough and allows the creation of a rough and porous, tenacious and fragrant pasta, capable of and retaining the sauce with skill and enhancing even the simplest of dishes.



Each package is wrapped in a special selection of hand-sewn fabrics by the designer Angelo Inglese. An elegant packaging for a unique gift to be reused as a fashion accessory.




Do you think that nutrition affects your sports or work performance? The high digestibility and slow release of proteins make UNO.61 the preferred choice for those who want to eat good, healthy and fill up with positive energy. 



Produced with the best semolina obtained from Altamura wheat, selected by the master pasta maker Raimondo Mendolia, in 2020 it was awarded with the “100 Italian excellences” award by Forbes. Dried slowly for many hours, it is finally wrapped in the splendid hand-sewn fabrics by the famous tailor Angelo Inglese, known all over the world for his shirts and men’s suits.


This extraordinary pasta is drawn with a special and unique gold-plated die that increases its porosity and gives an unforgettable bite and keeps cooking at its best.


We tried to combine it with our Coratina extra virgin olive oil and the result was surprising. Two Italian excellences meet themselves in their simple authenticity. This pasta preserves all the intense flavor of extra virgin olive oil between the joints and enhances our intense fruity olive oil “Coratina”.


If you then add to this combination of flavors, already explosive in itself, the yellow or red tomato sauce, you get a tasty and exclusive first dish that tastes of Apulia and summer.



The exclusive offer includes:

  • Bag in box Extra virgin olive oil Monovariety Coratina 3Lt;
  • Pasta UNO.61 drawn in gold in assorted unique pieces of 500g;
  • 420g Organic yellow tomato purée;
  • Organic red tomato purée 680g.

By purchasing this selection within 31/05, if you are already our customer, you will receive a 10% discount on this offer + two GIFTS worth € 17.90:

  • A 250ml bottle of Peranzana extra virgin olive oil € 10.90
  • A 500g pack of Pasta UNO. 61 (without fabric packaging) € 7.



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