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White wine Orior IGT Umbria by Alfa Privativo


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Umbria White IGT

  • Winery: Alfa Privativo
  • Grape variety: obtained from the varieties of both vineyards at different stages of ripening, in their respective contributions Trebbiano and Malvasia give the acid skeleton, while San Colombano and Alionza bring body and complexity
  • Vineyards: organically grown (not yet certified) and permaculture
  • Vintage: 2022
  • Origin: Umbria – Gualdo Tadino (PG) – Italy

Harvest penultimate week of September. Spontaneous fermentation with fermentation foot. The must was in contact with its skins for 15 days with punching down twice a day, followed by very soft pressing, 7 months in stainless steel and now in the bottle for 4 months of aging (still in progress).

It does not contain added sulphites, it is free from any chemical intervention.

Tasting notes

  • Food and wine pairings: Ideal for dishes based on fish, seafood and white meats
  • Serving temperature: 10°-12° C
  • Alcohol: 12.5% Vol.
  • Format: 75cl
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Alfa Privativo wines are designed to have a great drink and focus on the fruit in all its expressions, in their simplicity they are not obvious but offer emotions both to those who approach it for the first time and to the expert user who is looking for something different.

Who is Alfa Privativo

Alfa Privativo is a young winery, created by two guys Alex Calisti and Simone Manci.

Unlike other wineries, Alfa Privativo produces wines using what they call the “natural approach”.

The wine is conceived in the vineyard and in the cellar it only has to come to light. What makes the magic is the vine, which for months puts all of itself into those few bunches.

This means that they avoid any chemical intervention to change the quality of the wine.

It is the same procedure that our ancestors used when they created the “homemade wine” which had a unique, particular and unobtainable flavor.

Therefore: No to selected yeasts, temperature control, filtrations, clarification, additions of any rectifying substance.

All that is present in this wine is the content of the vineyard itself.

The vineyards

The first vintage produced was made from two separate vineyards, in a totally organic regime (not certified) drawing on the principles of permaculture, where the coexistence of as many plant species is sought to create a small self-sufficient and synergistic ecosystem.

Big vineyard: planted in 1971 at 540 msl (east-west direction) it has a sandy/loamy soil with an alkaline ph, which gives the grapes minerality, the whole plot has natural grassing. It is populated by old clones of Sangiovese, Trebbiano Toscano and long white Malvasia. In a state of neglect for over 15 years, it has been rearranged and cared for, with a single or double inverted training system depending on the vigor of the plants.

Small vineyard: planted in 1990 at 650 msl (east-west direction) has a clayey soil which is also completely grassed. The vines present are trained in double inverted, the varieties present are Merlot, Ciliegiolo instead for the white berried ones there is San Colombano and Alionza.

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