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Welcome to Oilalà.com

Welcome to Oilalà.com world

Olive oil is one of the oldest dressing mankind has ever used. It is also at the very base of the Mediterranean diet, recognized all around the world as one of the most various, nutrient and healthy. Our goal is to provide the public with the best olive oil on the market, only making top quality oil in an artisanal way, but for a worldwide public. Are you looking for the best olive oil in all of its forms you can buy online? Welcome to world.

Our philosophy

Every time we launch a new product we put our efforts into making something we would use in our own homes, we want our customers to feel all the love and passion we put into our work. We strive to go beyond their expectations putting extreme attention and care to the packaging and all the little details that may not be evident on their own, but make a significant difference on the final result.

We don’t want our customer to take our own word for granted when they buy our oil, we want them to have a guarantee on the quality, this is why every year we take part in international contests where famous judges can express their opinion in an impartial manner.

Comfort, security and contact

Our website allows you to chose the best quality oil you always wanted on your table comfortably from home, in a secure way that guarantees your privacy. You can come and find us at the many fairs and events we take part in, where we will be happy to give you personally all the information you may want to know about the oil itself or the production method. If  you love olive oil you found the website you were looking for, welcome to


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