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Oilalà Products, Naturally Different

Extra virgin olive oil

From the typical autochtonous olive of the Apulian territory, an oil characterized by an intense fruity and great personality.

Balsamic essences

Balsamic essence derived from the slow acetification of the grape must Lambrusco, Ancellotta and Trebbiano. Process done by hand.

Tomato souce

A velvety purée that gives unforgettable scent and taste. Collected by hand and processed with artisanal methods.


The olives of our Apulian tradition, large and voluminous, with a firm and sweet pulp with a pleasantly fruity taste.

Pesto in extra oil v.

Tasty condiments for pasta. Inside each jar you will find the freshness and intensity of each individual ingredient.


The product is stored in glass jars using only our extra virgin olive oil, without the addition of preservatives.

Our history

We work with enthusiasm to supply extra virgin olive oil up to the expectations of our clients. Oilalà  organic oil originates from the ancient tradition of our lands. Our olive groves near the Alta Murge National Park create a sheer and unaltered organic oil.

"Brucatura" by hand of the olives

The harvest of our olives begins, according to weather conditions, from mid-October to December. The harvesting stage is critical and difficult because if the olives are not harvested at the correct time of ripening, there is the risk of maceration and diminished quality of the olives and therefore of the oil. The manual harvest called "brucatura" is the ideal method, even if very pricey and slow, because it makes certain the perfect strength of the olive.

Our mission

Our vision, as our mission is simple and authentic: to make excellent products, a scrumptious taste that leaves you without words because both taste and freshness are hard to beat, always enclosed in a special and classy packaging.

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Oilalà: experience, passion.

Leader in Gourmet Catering

We are a reliable partner of the most important Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. We are specialized in creating "Private Label" packaging for our oil. We have a graphic / creative team that meets the needs and the highest expectations of the best 5-star hotels and chefs of renowned restaurants.

Oilalà has the most long-lived customers.

Oilalà oil benefits

Compared to the average of the oils in the market, Oilalà cointains more than the double of Polyphenols, well (742mg / Kg), compared to a market average of 300mg / kg. The polyphenols of the oil are the best antioxidants in nature, which help to prevent the cellular aging of our body, thus favoring the lowering of "bad" cholesterol (LDL) in particular. We give our consumers a long life "Olisir".

Minervino: an infinite story.

History, charm and tradition

Minervino Murge is called the "Balcony of Puglia" for its dominant position among vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields. We are in a country with an ancient history and our olive grove is located near a National Protected Park, called the Alta Murgia Nation Park from which comes our pristine Organic Oil.

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The production of our extra virgin olive oil and our vegetables can be found in the best specialized gourmet shops, starred restaurants and 5 Star hotels. Our main mission is to become the reference point for all lovers and researchers of good food, of high quality, with certified provenance and that brings benefits to your body. Oilalà is part of your lifestyle.

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"When you create a quality product, people can feel that you have put your love and part of your soul on it."

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We create sensory emotions and experiences handed down for generations.

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The quality of both oil and vinegar is exceptional. The type of bottle is an elegant solution that allows to dose the seasoning directly on the table. Very satisfied. Recommended!

Antonella Dicorato
(March 12, 2018, from Amazon.)

Really excellent compared to any other oil in the bottle, comparable to a craft production. I am fully satisfied with the purchase. Excellent quality price ratio.

Manuel H.
(April 6, 2018, from Amazon.)

Purchased for a gift, the recipient appreciated the quality of the oil. This is a person skilled in the field. The bottle that highlights its value is very captivating.

(January 12, 2018, from Amazon.)