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“The Circle of Life”

50 unique pieces for this handmade ceramic bottle with our best Biodynamic extra virgin olive oil in super limited edition




I created this bottle for the centenary of the birth of my grandfather Spiridione known as “the Dreamer”.

This very heartfelt event prompted me to want to create a symbolic bottle for Oilalà and for those who decide to have it at home.

We called this exclusive chest “The Circle of Life”, because it represents so many magical symbols:

Grandfather Spiridione at 13

The circular shape recalls the cyclical nature of life, the generational transition, the continuation of a mission. The plot recalls the mighty millstones of the ancient mills with which the olives were crushed. My grandfather often praised their strength and beauty, reaching out to a perfect circular dance.

The bottle takes shape

Ceramic is the material with which our bottle was forged; a simple but precious material that comes from our beloved land, shaped and then cooked by the skilled hands of local artisans devoted to the creation of unique pieces.

Biodynamic olive grove

Our best olive oil which comes from an uncontaminated olive grove, surrounded by a forest, in a hilly area. The principles of Biodynamic agriculture were used for the cultivation of these olive trees, which marries our highest values ​​in terms of sustainable agriculture, genuine food and protection of the Planet, in order to obtain an olive oil rich in Polyphenols, a real Elixir for health.

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What is biodynamic agriculture?

Biodynamics is the mother of ecological agriculture. We are what we eat. To help ourselves and our planet thrive, it is necessary to produce super quality food, in full respect of nature and its rhythms.

Biodynamic agriculture involves a cultivation in which the entire farm favors the production process, thanks to the synergistic contribution of soil, plants and animals, without resorting to external factors.

The biodynamic cultivation method does not involve the use of chemicals. Solutions of herbs and minerals are used to water the plants, while the activities carried out on the land and planting are scheduled according to the lunar cycles.

Additional Information

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nutrition facts (Average values per 100 ml): Energy : 3374 KJ/821 kcal; Fat: 94g, which saturated fat: 14 g ; Carbohydrate: 0g, which sugars:0 g; Protein: 0g; Salt: 0g.

Origin of the olives: Italy

Variety: 100% Coratina

Harvest: October – November

Extraction method: Brought to mill within 6 hours from olive picking – cold pressing at 25°

Shelf life: 18 months from bottling Keep the bottle in a dark and dry place

Packaging:  Ceramic bottle

Available sizes: 500ml

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