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The Roots

There once was a man called Spyridon, known as the “dreamer” who spent his life dedicating himself to his family and love for the countryside.

Of Greek origin (Corfu), he was established in San Ferdinando di Puglia, a small rural town near the larger city of Barletta, where he produced a deep and perfumed oil with tasty and nutritious vegetables.

This man was my grandfather. From him I inherited a lot of knowledge. The name, first of all, and then the passion for agriculture and for travels. But most importantly he taught me to believe in my dreams.

My story began this way, among the footsteps he left me, so I could follow him in this strip of land of Apulia. Dispenser from unmemorable times of excellent oils, ancient wines, cheese, fruit. Here it all began after spending a few years spent promoting the best of italian fashion and design around the world after understanding the immense value of the treasure that my grandfather discovered to me.

Since then, my greatest desire has been to let achieve great knowledge of the olive oil and delicacies of the land of Spyridon and dad Nicola to all those who seek an uncompromising quality. To those who love good food and care for their well-being. From that personal ambition, from the deep respect to those roots, and a desire to see them grow and becoming something bigger, OILALÁ was born.

The values