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Leccino olive tree

Leccino olive tree

Leccino Olive tree are vigorous  trees with pendulous trend shape. Lanceolate leaf of medium size and bright green color. They have a good resistance to drought and high winds but fears humidity. 6-8 meters height. With a slow growth they resist at temperature around -6 or -8 degrees. Let’s see their main features.

Leccino Olive Oil

It is a variety widely cultivated in Tuscany also in the north of Italy, very rustic and productuve. Leccino olive leaves are also interesting for ornamental purposes due to their beautiful and thick foliage. It gives a good yield of olive oil and its olives are also excellent for canteen. Vigorous tree, the crown is ample and expansive with many pendulous small branches which are curved at the tip. Its exposure is sunny and well sheltered from cold winds. The temperature of Leccino olive tree is mild thanks the Mediterranean basin.

One of the important characteristic is its soil that it prefers the calcareous clay soils, fresh and well drained, but it also adapts to stony and calcareous soils. For what to concern the fertilization, before planting it is preferable to give a good fertilization based on manure and mineral fertilizers. At the beginning of spring it is good to give a good complete mineral and organic fertilizaation.

And what about its pruning and harvesting

The ornamental olive tree can be prun when it is young, giving it a harmonious shape, over the years the dry or diseased branches are eliminated. The production pruning, must limit itself to eliminating a part of the branches that have borne fruit and to thin out young branches.

For the olive harvesting, it can be done by hand shaking branches and fronds with perches, dropping the fruits onto nets previously laid out under the plants. Frui must be stored in not very thick layers and in a well ventilated room. The olive tree bears fruit after a few years from training pruning, but the best yields are when the plant is grown.

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